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Sybrid and ICE Animations launch internship program in 16 industries

At a time when hands-on experience is critical to career success, Sybrid and ICE Animations have launched a comprehensive internship program across 16 different industries as part of their #SybridImpact initiative. This program demonstrates their commitment to promoting professional development and equipping young talent with essential skills for their future careers.

A Commitment to Professional Development

Sybrid and ICE Animations are renowned for their focus on nurturing the next generation of professionals. Their internship program is designed to provide:

  • Holistic Learning Experiences: Interns work on meaningful projects that significantly contribute to their professional development.
  • Expert Mentorship: Seasoned industry professionals offer guidance, insights, and support.
  • Broad Career Opportunities: The program covers multiple domains, helping interns explore various career paths and discover their true interests.
  • Networking Possibilities: Interns can connect with industry experts and peers, expanding their professional networks.
  • Remote Opportunities: Besides on-site placements, remote internships are also available.

Application Process

The application process for the Sybrid & ICE Animations internship program is straightforward:

  1. Visiting the Official Website: Prospective interns should go to the Sybrid careers page. Sybrid Website
  2. Selecting a Vertical: Applicants choose the vertical that aligns with their career goals.
  3. Completing the Application Form: This involves providing personal and academic details, along with a resume.
  4. Submitting the Application: Once all details are verified, applicants submit their forms for consideration.
  5. Preparing for the Interview: Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview to assess their suitability for the program.

Last Year’s Success

The success of last year’s program is evident, with over 300 young professionals interning across ten locations in various verticals. This initiative provided interns with valuable real-world experience and a deeper understanding of their chosen fields. Many transitioned into full-time roles, showcasing the program’s effectiveness in bridging the gap between academic learning and professional employment.

Feedback from Previous Interns

  • Marketing Intern: “The program allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios, greatly enhancing my understanding and skills.”
  • IT Intern: “The challenging yet rewarding projects helped me develop technical expertise and confidence in my abilities.”


Sybrid and ICE Animations’ internship program is more than an opportunity; It is a transformative experience that equips young professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Her commitment to professional development and excellence is evident in every aspect of the program.



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