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Cars that talk, dance and fly: The best car technology at CES 2024

The first and largest technology trade show of the year, CES 2024 highlighted groundbreaking advances in Car technology with a focus on electrification, innovative motion technologies and the rise of AI in vehicles.

New EV concepts
Although mainstream automakers typically unveil electric vehicle concepts at other events throughout the year, there were some notable debuts at CES 2024. Honda unveiled its two 0-series EV concepts: the 0 Space-Hub, a futuristic minivan with a transparent roof designed for passenger interaction, and the 0 Saloon, a sleek sports coupe with gull-wing doors, expected to arrive in 2026 will go into production. Kia also unveiled its Purpose Beyond Vehicle (PBV) concepts, imagining a future with customizable vans for various purposes, from food trucks to mobile stores.

Movement in all directions
Hyundai Mobis, Hyundai’s parts supplier, fascinated participants with the Mobion concept. Equipped with an E-Corner steering system, this vehicle can perform impressive maneuvers such as crab walking, diagonal gliding and 360-degree zero radius turns on the road. In addition, Hyundai’s advanced air mobility division introduced the second generation of its S-A2 eVTOL electric take-off and landing aircraft, which is scheduled to begin urban flights in 2028.

AI is on its way
Automakers have long been integrating AI into vehicles, particularly for autonomous driving. CES 2024 showcased advances in AI with large voice models that improve in-car voice command and assistance systems. German car manufacturers were pioneers: Volkswagen worked with Cerence to integrate ChatGPT into its “Hello Ida” voice assistant for the ID 4 and ID 7 models. BMW worked with Amazon for Alexa Large Language Model integration and Mercedes-Benz worked with Azure OpenAI. These innovations promise more intuitive interaction with cars and allow users to issue complex commands in natural language.



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