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AI products like ChatGPT are much hyped but not widely used, a study shows

The survey shows that AI products such as ChatGPT have limited daily use: only 2% of UK respondents use them. Young people are showing more interest in generative AI technology.

A recent survey suggests that few people regularly use highly touted AI products like ChatGPT. Researchers surveyed 12,000 people in six countries, including the UK, and found that only 2% of British respondents use these tools on a daily basis. However, young people, especially those aged 18 to 24, are more enthusiastic users. Dr. Richard Fletcher, the lead author from the Reuters Institute and the University of Oxford, highlighted a “mismatch” between AI hype and public interest.

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, which can respond to text prompts with human-like responses, attracted widespread attention when they launched in November 2022. This sparked a race between tech companies investing billions to develop similar features. Despite the investment, the study shows that generative AI has not yet become routine in how people use the Internet.

Dr. Fletcher found that 30% of people in the UK have never heard of well-known AI products such as ChatGPT. The research also examined public opinion on the impact of generative AI. Many expect it to have a significant impact on society over the next five years, particularly in the areas of news, media and science. While most believe that generative AI will improve their lives, they are more pessimistic about its broader societal impact.

People are optimistic about AI in science and healthcare, but have concerns about its use in news and journalism, fearing impacts on job security. The study highlights the need for nuanced debates about AI involving governments and regulators.

Results are based on responses from Argentina, Denmark, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.



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