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Today, Freelance professionals are highly valued, and they are well aware of it. They understand its importance.

As more senior freelance professionals like me choose freelance work rather than traditional in-house positions with nine-to-five work schedules for networking purposes, companies are finding it difficult to attract and retain the talent they need to innovate their products , procedures and systems.

A new approach to task fulfillment is emerging that combines in-house employees and freelance talent. In particular, roles in organizations are evolving and require new skills to address the different needs, goals and interests of these two groups.

For example, a local company is working on integrating advanced digital and conversational artificial intelligence (AI). However, your internal team lacks the expertise and experience to overhaul the company’s services, processes, and data security infrastructure.

AI and digital professionals are more interested in flexible freelance work than traditional jobs

The recruiting team struggled to attract top talent from technology companies, even with attractive offers. They lack the necessary internal talent and cannot convince highly qualified professionals to join full-time. Therefore, the company is turning to freelance talent.

The owner has acknowledged that there is a significant change in the way work is carried out. However, there are concerns. How can Pakistani organizations prepare and effectively equip their team for the challenges that this new integrated workforce will bring?

The latest skills are required. So it’s safe to say that AI won’t take your job. But those who know how to use it will.

And they won’t take your job; They take work away from you and make those who don’t improve their skills pointless. It is important to note that career and work are no longer synonymous. This is particularly relevant for technology, communications and digital specialists. People with the most in-demand skills are most likely to be freelancers.

Undoubtedly there has been a big change. Professionals looking to win companies in areas such as technology, data science, machine learning, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) now have a different perspective. They are seeking more flexible work arrangements.

Talented Pakistani youth have long sought flexible work, but only recently have the typical drawbacks of freelancing been addressed. In the past, independent work was an unreliable source of income that relied heavily on personal relationships.

However, job matching platforms like Upwork and Fiverr quickly connect qualified candidates with the employer’s needs. Some platforms like and People Analytics are specifically aimed at engineers and data scientists. The technology now supports freelancers with virtual sub-accountants, tax apps and AI tools for managing email and calendars.

This shift in the way work is done has forced companies to also change their methods, systems, processes, recruiting strategies, and banking and transaction processing.

Many Pakistani banks have had to offer freelance accounts, so people now have the option to create a special account tailored to their preferences. This allows them to transfer their earnings directly to their personal bank account.

Freelancing has even proven to be a viable option for a work visa in certain countries such as Dubai, where individuals working in media and creative industries such as journalism, photography and content creation can benefit from it. Against this backdrop, Pakistan’s freelance sector is considered a beacon of economic dynamism, with recent reports from the Ministry of Information Technology highlighting its significant contributions.

With an estimated three million skilled people navigating the digital marketplace, Pakistanis are the driving force behind the rise of freelancers in the country. Among these professionals, graphic design and web development are the most sought-after talents, reflecting the changing needs of the global digital economy.

As the freelance landscape continues to evolve, the earning potential for Pakistani freelancers is also growing.

American technology research and consulting firm Gartner predicts that independent workers, freelancers, temporary workers and gig workers will make up 35 to 40 percent of the global workforce by 2025.



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