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IT Revolution in Areas of Sindh

IT Revolution started

In September 2022, the ITcians team took a step to share what we have learned and earned in our professional careers with the flood victims of Pakistan. While everyone was busy doing charity and going abroad for jobs, we decided to bring jobs from abroad to the rural areas of Sindh, especially for the flood-affected victims of Pakistan. The Flood of 2022 was one of the worst in Pakistan’s history. We started from nothing and had no support from anyone, but with Allah’s will, we personally left our businesses in the city of Hyderabad and started a software house in remote areas. This was done so that we could train the people who had no idea what they could do with information technology these days and how much they could earn for their livelihood. You can find the total history of this initiative here.

Many people supported us after we shared a post on our LinkedIn account. We got 1M+ insights for that post and received so much love and support for our cause. After that, many news channels promoted our cause, and we received more than 600+ applications for free training, with 30+ willing to come to the village for onsite classes as well. So, we have started a hosteling system with no rent here so that they can have a shelter for free and learn a skill for free. We are encouraging you guys to join our cause to make your livelihood better. Don’t fall for highly decorated institutes who are looting you.

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