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10 companies are hiring for fully remote jobs

You’re tired of being promised fully remote work, only to be gradually pushed back into the office. At first it’s one day a week, then two, soon it will be three to five days a week under the guise of hybrid working. This postponement contradicts the agreement you signed years ago.

A recent report from US political newspaper The Hill revealed some remarkable insights into the future of remote work. According to a study by job search website Ladders, high-paying remote jobs have declined by nearly 60% in the past year, and the availability of hybrid jobs has dropped by 95%. A survey by Resume Builder found that 90% of companies expect a full five-day return to the office by the end of the year. Currently, only 4% of jobs with annual salaries of $250,000 or more are available for remote work, compared to 10% a year ago.

Despite this trend, there are still companies actively hiring for positions that are fully remote in 2024. These companies tend to focus on remote work, meaning that working remotely is part of their core ethos and gives you more security that your job will remain fully remote. Many of these companies also hire globally, allowing you to work from anywhere and even enjoy a digital nomad lifestyle.

GitLab is an AI-powered DevSecOps platform enabling software developers to collaborate securely. They have over 100 remote job openings across departments such as sales, marketing, product and user experience, engineering, security, admin, HR, and legal.

Buffer, a social media marketing software company, is seeking to expand its remote team with roles for senior front-end and senior back-end engineers.

Automattic, known for its human-reviewed hiring process and paid trials, currently offers remote positions for roles like Chief Financial Officer (CFO), sales representative, and senior systems engineer.

Toggl, known for its time-tracking software, is hiring for various fully remote roles, including head of sales and engineering positions.

Kona, a startup with a work-from-anywhere policy, is looking for a software engineer to help improve company culture globally.

Appcues, a product adoption and user onboarding platform, offers remote work benefits such as office stipends and co-working space reimbursements. They are hiring globally.

Constructor helps e-commerce and media site owners enhance customer product discovery. They are hiring for engineering and data analyst roles.

On The Go Systems
This company, known for its WordPress plugins and AI-powered translation software, is hiring for UX/UI and developer roles, with a team spread across over 40 countries.

Doist, the company behind productivity apps, has recently been hiring for roles such as head of marketing. Although they currently have no open positions, it’s worth keeping an eye on their listings.

Dollar Flight Club
Dollar Flight Club helps travel enthusiasts find the best flight deals. While they have no current openings, they are expected to hire in the future, so check their site regularly.



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