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Huawei invests in young people with internship program for future technology leaders

Empowering South African youth through ICT training

In celebration of Youth Month, Huawei and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOEL) have collaborated to offer a career development workshop aimed at empowering young South Africans. This initiative is part of their ongoing 12-month partnership programme, now in its second year, which focuses on equipping young minds with essential ICT skills.

Program overview and impact

The program is aimed at graduates and students looking for work, selected from the DOEL database. Participants receive intensive on-the-job training in information and communications technologies (ICT), guided by dedicated mentors who help them develop skills and explore potential employment opportunities within Huawei’s ecosystem.

“This collaboration is a win-win situation,” said Christina Naidoo, COO of Huawei SA. “It addresses the critical need for skilled ICT professionals in South Africa, a sector that employs many talented engineers in developed markets. By investing in these types of internship programs, we are actively cultivating a strong local talent pool.”

Tackling youth unemployment

South Africa faces a significant challenge with an unemployment rate of 45% among young people aged 15 to 34. Research shows that internships and workplace exposure significantly increase job readiness, giving young people a fourfold advantage in securing employment compared to those without such experience.

Insights and inspiration from Huawei leaders

The event started with motivational words from Kemogotsitse Bosielo, Huawei’s Public Relations Manager for Government Affairs. He encouraged interns to be proud of their achievements and benefit from the skills and knowledge shared by Huawei leaders and former interns.

Solomon Hlomane, Technical Director at Huawei South Africa and Huawei Ambassador, shared his journey from starting as an IT engineer in 2011 to working on more than 25 projects and obtaining advanced degrees. He emphasized the importance of continuous learning, strong professional relationships, communication skills, problem-solving techniques and active networking.

Marcel Meyer, Director of Service Delivery at Huawei Cloud and another Huawei ambassador, highlighted the value interns bring to the company. He mentioned several former interns who now work full-time, some even working internationally. Meyer advised interns, “You may not always get what you wish for, but you can certainly achieve what you work for.”

Commitment to youth development

This workshop is part of Huawei’s broader commitment to cultivating IT talent. The company has established a robust talent development ecosystem that includes fifteen initiatives, including the Huawei ICT Academy, Huawei Graduate Program and Bursary Programs. These initiatives demonstrate Huawei’s commitment to nurturing future ICT leaders and tackling youth unemployment in South Africa.

Success stories: inspiring alumni

Former Huawei interns Theo Mashego and Alston Govender shared their success stories. Mashego, now a Product Technology Engineer at Huawei, credits his internship with providing him with essential skills he uses today. Following in Hlomane’s footsteps, he is pursuing a master’s degree in Computer Science. Govender, now a Datacom Engineer at Huawei, advised trainees to embrace growth and adaptability, emphasizing that learning is a lifelong process.

As Huawei and DOEL continue their partnership, this program is a testament to their commitment to empowering South Africa’s youth and building a skilled workforce for the future.

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