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Data from 560 million Ticketmaster users is said to have been stolen

A hacking group called ShinyHunters claims to have stolen personal information from 560 million Ticketmaster customers. The stolen data allegedly includes names, addresses, phone numbers and some credit card details of users worldwide. ShinyHunters is reportedly demanding a $500,000 (£400,000) ransom to prevent the data from being sold.

Australian authorities are working with Ticketmaster to address the issue, and the FBI has also offered help. However, an FBI spokesman declined to comment. The Australian Government’s National Office of Cyber ​​Security is working with Ticketmaster to understand the incident.

Despite the claims, Ticketmaster, one of the largest online ticket sales platforms, has not yet confirmed a security breach. Cybersecurity experts warn the claims may be false, but investigations are ongoing. An ad containing data samples purportedly from the breach was posted on BreachForums, a newly launched hacking forum.

ShinyHunters has a history of high-profile data breaches, including a real database involving 70 million AT&T customers in 2021 and a breach that affected 200,000 Pizza Hut customers in Australia last year. The latest alleged hack coincides with the relaunch of BreachForums after its domain was shut down by the FBI in March 2023.

Security researcher Kevin Beaumont advises caution, noting that criminal hackers sometimes make false or exaggerated claims. If verified, this hack could be one of the most significant in terms of scale and data volume. Ticketmaster has faced security issues before, including a $10 million fine for hacking a competitor in 2020 and a cyberattack that disrupted ticket sales for Taylor Swift’s Era tour in November.

Additionally, U.S. regulators recently sued Live Nation, Ticketmaster’s parent company, for allegedly using illegal tactics to maintain a monopoly over the live music industry, resulting in higher ticket prices and poorer service for customers.



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