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OpenAI Sets Up Safety Committee as It Begins Training New AI Model

OpenAI has established a safety committee to oversee the training of its next artificial intelligence model. This committee, led by CEO Sam Altman and board members Bret Taylor, Adam D’Angelo and Nicole Seligman, will provide security recommendations for OpenAI projects.

The first task of the new committee is to review and improve OpenAI’s existing security practices over the next 90 days and report their recommendations to the board, which will then publicly inform the adopted measures. The committee also includes chief scientist Jakub Pachocki and Matt Knight, head of security.

OpenAI’s generative AI capabilities, supported by Microsoft, have raised security concerns as these models become more advanced. Former chief scientists Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leike, head of OpenAI’s disbanded superalignment team, left the company earlier this month.

The committee will consult with experts such as Rob Joyce, a former cybersecurity director at the U.S. National Security Agency, and John Carlin, a former Justice Department official, to ensure robust security measures. OpenAI has not revealed details of the new “Frontier” model, but stated that it aims to advance towards artificial general intelligence (AGI).



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