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NVIDIA’s market value surpasses the combined value of Amazon and Tesla, reaching $2.75 trillion

NVIDIA’s market cap has risen to $2.75 trillion, surpassing the combined value of Amazon and Tesla. This remarkable growth is driven by NVIDIA’s leadership in AI technology and its advanced AI hardware, particularly graphics processing units (GPUs).

The company’s market value has increased significantly since the beginning of 2024, driven by increasing demand for AI accelerators, which are essential for powering advanced AI applications. NVIDIA’s GPUs are highly regarded for their efficiency in handling AI workloads, making them essential for AI companies and researchers.

NVIDIA’s strategic focus on AI and continued innovation in GPU technology have solidified its position at the forefront of the AI ​​industry. As AI continues to expand across various sectors, demand for powerful AI hardware like NVIDIA’s GPUs is expected to grow, potentially increasing the company’s market value even further.

This milestone underscores NVIDIA’s significant impact on the technology sector and its critical role in advancing the future of AI. The company’s ability to capitalize on emerging trends and maintain its competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving technology landscape underscores its significant achievement.



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