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Free Technical and Freelancing Courses for Flood Victims

Flood Victims in Pakistan 2022

Pakistan had the worst flood in 2022 in its history over 2.1 million flood victims. Most people in KPK, Balouchistan, and Sindh lost their homes, farms, and businesses. Around millions of Pakistanis became homeless and desperate for food and shelter.

The ITcians team started some relief campaigns on our own and with our families. We started to do some charity and voluntarily provided shelters and facilitated more than 143+ people by providing more than 30+ rooms and 100+ Rashan bags and much more. So we realized that this is not enough even for those which we facilitated here because food is finite, charity will run out then

What they will do after that?

Because they lost their homes, farms, and all local businesses they left nothing but their lives. So as we are software engineers and experts in our field, we decided to teach them free freelancing and technical courses so that they can do online business as well because in this digital era they don’t know what they can achieve with a computer and internet.

Our vision and thoughts became more clear and that vision became a light for more than 30 people in our own village so we started this campaign.

Free technical courses of IT and Technical Courses for Flood Victims
As we started our careers in 2019 as android app developers, later becoming successful freelancers, we then started working remotely for many international companies and many projects as tech leads. We became stable in our professional lives so we moved back to our own village and prepared a small working space there for ourselves. Then we started to gather people who had lost almost everything in the flood and started teaching them about the computer and freelancing. We had nothing but a pure heart for our people and handful skill sets. After gathering our very first 13 students with equipment that we purchased: 2 laptops, 2 desktops, 1 solar panel, and UPS. We started to teach them coding and basics of the computer at our own guest house and they were pretty quick learners and started to make grips on web and app development.

You can’t imagine what we felt and saw in those students. They were working day and night to learn this not for the money but for the craze of the digital era! Yet some of them are earning now. We were really moved by their devotion and potential so we created a post on LinkedIn and the response we got in 24 hours was unexpected!

We had 200k insights and more than 100+ people have approached us for support.

We never had insight more than 300 on our LinkedIn profiles.

It was such an overwhelming moment for us not that our profiles were getting more popular but the love and support we received from all over the world for these young students. They supported us in certain ways so that we could grow this campaign.

In 3 days our post almost hit 1m insights and we were contacted by many organizations, institutes, and news channels. We became part of some non-profit campaigns and institutes to expand our cause.

We want to create a FREELANCING ARMY for Pakistan so that our country may grow and people can live an affordable life.

Free technical courses of IT by ARY Stories
We were contacted by ARY Stories officially to highlight our campaign so they arranged an online interview and we received a great response from them, later they aired our story on their official news channel too.

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