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How to Save Pakistan in This Economic Crisis

Unleashing Pakistan’s Potential: Building a Strong Freelancing Army to Improve the Economy. On Sunday, January 29th, at 1100 hours, the ITcians team organized an IQ test for a scholarship program for free education in freelancing and technical skills development. A total of 21 boys attempted the test, with an average score of 40%.

We have expanded our reach from one village to nearby cities by opening small institutes there for boys and girls. Soon, we are going to have our first female batch in the rural area of Sindh to take advantage of free technical courses and start freelancing.

About the Institute: The institute is ready to start but is not yet completed. We only have the support of God (Allah) and will create a sustainable institute for these needy people to have free technical education under the banner of ITcians. This institute is located at Faizabad Khahi city, Khipro, Sanghar Sindh.

We also have hostels prepared for the students who want to come and join this cause. The hostel is totally free; you can have a room and basic needs like electricity, water, and internet. Unfortunately, we can’t afford meals, but they can be obtained from the hoteling, which has a discounted package for students between PKR 6,000 to PKR 8,000 per month.

The Issues We Are Facing

  • Electricity: We managed solar panels, a battery, and a UPS, but they can’t withstand 10 hours of load shedding.
  • WIFI: Due to the economic crisis in Pakistan, cellular networks are down most of the time, so we managed a 4G booster to somehow fetch signals within a 20 km radius.
  • Building: We don’t have huge funding, so we have weak constructions that can’t withstand floods.
  • Lab Equipment: Due to inflation in Pakistan’s market, an average laptop/computer is around PKR 40,000, so we have only 4 systems for this center.

How we are dealing with these problems are unexpected solutions we are having from people in our connections and our willpower. We hope we will forge a freelancing army to save Pakistan in this economic crisis.

Pakistan’s Economic Crisis: Pakistan is suffering from one of the major economic crises from 2019-2023, and day by day, it’s getting worse. As the youth of Pakistan, we should take a step to save our country instead of running away. We can bring money to Pakistan by working as freelancers. If we forge a huge freelancing army, then we can make a difference. But as you know, that’s not enough; we have many people who are corrupt, dishonest, and traitors among us. We can always overcome them if we put faith in Allah and start acting instead of complaining.

Freelancing has become a rapidly growing industry globally, and Pakistan is well-positioned to tap into this market. With a large pool of young, tech-savvy talent, Pakistan has the potential to become a hub for freelancers in the region. This can help to drive economic growth, create new job opportunities, and reduce the country’s reliance on traditional industries.

To build a strong freelancing army, the government must provide the necessary infrastructure and support. This includes investing in education and training programs to help young people develop the skills needed for freelancing, as well as providing tax incentives for companies that hire freelancers. Additionally, the government must work to create a favorable business environment for freelancers, including reducing bureaucracy and providing access to funding and other resources.

Another important step is to promote the benefits of freelancing to the public, including increased job opportunities and flexibility, as well as the ability to earn a living from home. This can be done through public awareness campaigns, online training programs, and other initiatives aimed at encouraging young people to pursue careers in freelancing. As the ITcians team has been doing since September 2022, if all of you start in your own society, only then will a revolution spark!

In conclusion, by forging a strong freelancing army, Pakistan has the potential to overcome its current economic challenges and position itself as a hub for freelancers in the region. The government must take the necessary steps to support this growing industry and help to unleash its full potential.

The ITcians team stands for our country to provide our skills to our youth to regain our country’s economic strength.

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