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WhatsApp Unveils New Events Feature for Group Chats: Details Inside

The latest WhatsApp update introduces a new ‘Events’ feature for group chats, enabling users to create, plan, and manage events with detailed information. Users can accept or decline event invitations within the group chat.

The Llama-3-powered WhatsApp update includes an innovative ‘Events’ feature for group chats, allowing users to organize meetings and gatherings directly within the chat. According to WABetaInfo, this feature is available with the WhatsApp beta for Android update. Initially limited to Community group chats, the update extends the feature to regular group chats as well.

How the WhatsApp Events Feature Works

The new feature allows users to create and manage events within group chats. Users can enter event details such as the name, description, location, date, and options for video or voice calls. Group members can accept or decline invitations, and event creators can update event details as needed.

WABetaInfo reports that events in WhatsApp group chats are private, with details accessible only to group members. Future updates may include additional functions like setting cover photos and adding event reminders.

Meta AI Assistant

The Llama-3-powered Meta AI assistant is now available on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, accessible with the latest update.

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