Share Photos & Videos on Cloud Mate App made with Flutter

Are you the photographer in your friend’s circle ? You must have had a problem when your friends asked you to share their pictures individually? Don’t worry! Cloud Mate is here

Cloud Mate gives you an opportunity to capture/share images and videos with your friends without big efforts and even the same quality of your camera!.

  • Cloud Mate offers you :
  • Free cloud based images and video sharing
  • Your Phone Storage will not be used so it means click as many as you can :).
  • All images and videos are shared in a group of selected friends
  • No image quality is compressed or no quality drop. We keep the same quality of your image to be shared with your friends.
  • Group will be automatically deleted on the time which you will select. Max 14 days is allowed.
  • You can invite your friends with dynamic links to join groups.
  • Your data is yours.

Share memories with loved ones in a secure and private way 🙂

For more details please visit Cloud Mate Official Website.

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