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Experience Unique Odd Jobs in Tasmania This Winter

Tourism Tasmania offers adventurous souls the chance to trade their daily routines for unforgettable “chores” across the island. From paranormal investigations in historic asylums to organizing oyster and stargazing with experts, these roles promise a unique experience of Tasmania’s natural and cultural wonders.

Highlighted Odd Jobs:

  1. Paranormal Investigator: Join a ghost-hunting expedition at Willow Court, Australia’s oldest asylum, using state-of-the-art equipment to uncover paranormal activities.
  2. Oyster Organiser: Sort and taste-test freshly harvested oysters from Great Oyster Bay, ensuring quality control while enjoying Tasmania’s pristine coastal views.
  3. Puffer Nut: Ride along the Lynchford Express steam train through Tasmania’s scenic west coast, perfect for steam locomotive enthusiasts.
  4. Stargazing with the Astronomical Society: Spend an evening observing celestial wonders with expert guidance from Tasmania’s Astronomical Society.

These roles, which cover the costs of travel, food and accommodation, are open to adult residents of Australia looking for a unique winter holiday. Applicants must describe in less than 50 words why they want to trade their daily routines for these extraordinary experiences. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore Tasmania in a whole new light!

Application details: Eligible applicants can apply directly through the Tourism Tasmania website, with the aim of showcasing Tasmania’s unique attractions and boosting winter tourism.

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